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She famously called Trump a ‘white supremacist’ in 2017

Ex-ESPN host Jemele Hill declared Tuesday that only White people are to blame if President Trump defeats Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“If Trump wins re-election, it’s on white people. No one else,” Hill, an outspoken advocate for African Americans, wrote.

The tweet came as Tucker Carlson condemned the mainstream media for painting Trump as a racist who would struggle to attract non-White voters, after the president delivered a strong showing in the largely Hispanic Miami-Dade County in Florida.

Hill, now a writer for The Atlantic and a podcast host, famously called President Trump a “white supremacist” on Twitter in 2017. She was an ESPN host at the time.

ESPN initially declined to punish Hill but then sidelined her for two weeks in October 2017 after she violated the company’s social media guidelines again.

Not long after returning from her suspension, ESPN reassigned Hill from its flagship “SportsCenter” to a role at The Undefeated, the company’s site that covers the intersections of sports and race. She eventually left ESPN and joined The Atlantic, where she covers race, sports, politics and culture.

She also now co-hosts “Stick to Sports” on Vice alongside fellow ex-ESPN personality Cari Champion.Hill’s anti-Trump comments even caught the attention of the White House and then-press secretary Sarah Sanders, who said she considered the rhetoric a “fireable offense.” Trump also got involved, mocking Hill and ESPN’s lackluster ratings. The situation made Hill a hero among liberals and she has continued to be outspoken on social media.

Last year, Hill deleted a tweet that jokingly referenced the assassination of the president during his State of the Union address. She now has more than 1.2 million Twitter followers and has appeared on shows ranging from MSNBC to Bravo’s “Below Deck” since



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