Headline of the Day

In a 2016 interview with Lisa Stahl, Trump did something only two presidents in history have ever done. He affirmed he would be serving without pay. By accepting only $1 each year (as required by law), he joins Herbert Hoover and John F. Kennedy as the only two presidents who served and defended solely from Love of Country.

Actually, when he made the promise, Trump had no idea how much the President is paid. (Isn’t that adorable!?! Runs for the job. Has no idea what it pays!)

By serving for free, he proves yet again that America is his sole motivation. As he just said in Fayetteville, NC, “As God is my witness, I will never let you down” and he never has.

This is the story the Mainstream Media has tried very hard to throw shade on but never managed to debunk because duh! It’s true!

Here’s where President Donald J. Trump has donated his paychecks, each quarter, for the past four years.


Q1 National Parks Service: In the spirit of the inscription of the Roosevelt Arch at Yellowstone National Park, “For the benefit and enjoyment of the people,” President Trump donated his very first presidential check in the amount of $78,333 to the National Parks Service.

Why not $100k? The check only dates from noon on Inauguration Day. I guess he punches the clock just as we do.

Sarah Sanders specified, “He donated his first-quarter salary to fund restoration projects at the [Antietam] National Battlefield,” where in 1862 the forces of General Lee and General McClellan fought “the deadliest one-day battle in all of American military history.” Proving my hunch that Trump is a big ol’ history geek.

Q2 Department of Education “so they could host science, technology, engineering, and math camps for children.”

Q3 Health and Human Services to do his bit for Melania’s campaign to combat “America’s devastating opioid crisis.”

Q4 Department of Transportation “to support their programs to rebuild and modernize our crumbling infrastructure.” So typical for a passionate builder like Trump who always says that walls and wheels will never go out of style.


Q1 Department of Veterans Affairs “to support their caregiver programs.”

As the wife of a man who served his country and suffers, often horribly, on a daily basis, I personally appreciate Trump’s unfailing support for our men and women in uniform, past, present and future.

Caregivers, often wives and husbands of the vets, are no less veterans than those who actively served. Our only oath was “I do” and we serve “until death do us part.”

Q2 Small Business Administration: According to CNBC, Linda McMahon said, “the money will be used in SBA’s veterans program called Emerging Leaders. This program will be a seven month intensive training that helps veterans transition from military life into the private sector.”

Q3 National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism: In memory of his brother, Fred Jr., who passed away from alcoholism in 1981.

Q4 Department of Homeland Security


Q1 Department of Agriculture to be “used for outreach programs that benefit farmers…”

Q2 U.S. Surgeon General’s Office: According to Acting Secretary Robert Wilkie, “We have already earmarked this gift for caregiver support in the form of mental health and peer support programs, financial aid, education training, and research.”

I know personally how badly that is needed when your loved one is in dire pain and there is nothing you can do to alleviate their constant agony. It gnaws at your brain and at your heart. I’ve spent an awful lot of time under the stars, crying out to God at times like that.

Q3 Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health: According to Politifact, “The funds were earmarked for ‘the ongoing fight against the opioid crisis.'”

Q4 Department of Health and Human Services “to support the efforts being undertaken to confront, contain and combat #Coronavirus.”


Q1 Department of Health and Human Services: The 2020 first-quarter salary donation was mentioned by Press Secretary McEnany on May 22, 2020. She said the first quarter would again be going to HHS, this time to “develop new therapies for treating and preventing COVID-19 so that we can safely reopen.”

Q2 National Parks Service: As the great patriot he is, this check for $100,00 was earmarked by President Trump to restore national monuments damaged by Antifa during the riots. Isn’t that just typically Trump!?! Damn, I love that man.



Donald Trump: Great Patriot. Man of Peace. Philanthropist.