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The United States could see an “invasion” of illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border if Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden dismantles President Trump’s enforcement priorities, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Chief Mark Morgan says.

In a statement this week, Morgan suggested that an overturning of Trump’s policies — which have greatly slowed illegal immigration — by a Biden administration would invite a flood of migrants to the southern border.

“If the current network of tools and policies we have, which ended catch and release, are stopped — we won’t just have another illegal immigration crisis — we’ll have an invasion,” Morgan wrote.


Biden has vowed to amnesty about 11 to 22 million illegal aliens already living in the U.S. in his first 100 days of office. In addition, Biden’s plan would free border-crossers into the interior of the country while they await immigration hearings, give taxpayer-funded healthcare to illegal aliens, and restart welfare-dependent legal immigration.

Providing taxpayer-funded healthcare to all illegal aliens would likely drive up costs for American taxpayers at an estimated $23 billion to $66 billion every year. Likewise, experts have said such a policy would spur a giant migration of foreign nationals with serious health problems to the U.S.

Biden would also end Trump’s national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border that has helped shore up federal resources to combat illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

In an interview this week, Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller said, “no country on planet earth ever conceived of attempting what Joe Biden is proposing.” The result of Biden’s plan, Miller said, would “be a rush on the border on a global scale unseen before in the whole of human history.”

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