Headline of the Day

This is how elections are won. If you can’t turn out the living, turn over the dead.

Earlier this week, Davie resident Pete Fisher opened his mailbox and found three voter registration cards with his address and names of people he didn’t know.

The registered Republican quickly learned that at least two of the people — including a 104-year-old — were dead. Even worse, he said the two were registered Republicans, but the cards listed the party affiliation as Democrat.

“It looked like fraud to me,” he told the Miami Herald Friday. “This is a serious problem.”

Democrats aren’t getting the voter turnout they need. Time to turn over the cemeteries.

Turns out, the fraudulent registrations are likely part of a bigger scheme in which a person in Columbia, South Carolina, sent in dozens of registration applications, according to the Broward Supervisor of Elections Office. Many of the people listed on the forms had already died, according to emails between Supervisor of Elections Pete Antonacci and the Broward State Attorney’s Office.

Thirty of the 51 were verified by the state attorney’s office as being deceased. The identities of the other 21 could not be verified by only date of birth and name, Assistant State Attorney Tim Donnelly said in a letter to Antonacci dated Oct. 22.

Five of the names were already on the voter rolls, but investigators said no absentee ballots had been requested. The deadline to request a mail-in ballot was Oct. 24.

The SunSentinel reported that at least three of the applications evaded detection and were added to the Broward voter rolls in July. Two of those people had died in June.

Antonacci told the newspaper that there is a lag time between when a voter dies and elections officials are notified, and the scammer appeared to take advantage of that.

The system is based on the honor system, and the honor system is supposedly bolstered by the fact that if you lie on one of these applications, it’s a crime,” Antonacci said. “With determination, you can muscle your way in.”

But remember, voter fraud doesn’t exist. It’s entirely invented by Republicans and any attempt to do crazy things like require in-person voting with voter IDs is a racist voter suppression effort by incredibly racist Republicans.