Headline of the Day

Media fact checking is a corrupt suppressive industry.


As discussed yesterday, one of the patented media fact checking gimmicks is to make true stories seem false by finding a somewhat inaccurate version of them and fact checking that version.


The AP, when it’s not busy with the Orwellian of rewriting the meanings of simple terms in the English language, like “riot”, has rolled out yet another tired “fact check”.


Biden did not eulogize former KKK “grand wizard” – AP


This is part of a roster of fact check of the same internet meme


Fact check: Biden isn’t with KKK grand wizard in photo – USA Today


Fact check: Robert Byrd, eulogized by Joe Biden at funeral, was not KKK Grand Wizard – Reuters


False claim: Joe Biden pictured with “Grand Wizard” of Ku Klux Klan – Reuters


That’s right. Two Reuters fact checks.


The fact checks all come down to the same thing. Senator Robert Byrd was a Klan recruiter who was so good at it that a Klavern was set up and he received the honorary title of Exalted Cyclops, which is the highest level within a chapter, he was not a Grand Wizard.




Plenty of conservative publications correctly stated Byrd’s title. And the distinction has a difference, but it’s also deliberate nitpicking to distract from the substantive issue, which is that Byrd was a Klan leader and it was that organization which helped propel him into a life in politics.


Or to put it another way, if President Trump had eulogized a Klan leader, the takeaway would not be fact checks as to his exact title.


This is a particular type of media fact check which uses nitpicking to divert attention from the substantive issue while making it appear that the accurate statements about Biden and Byrd are false. And since Big Tech elevates this media spin under the guise of fact checks, that means anyone searching for the real story will get a barrage of media disinformation instead.


That’s what this is, disinformation.