Headline of the Day

Right up to November 3, Barack Obama absolutely must stay on the campaign trail for Joe Biden, for two fundamental reasons.

One, Joe Biden is incapable of campaigning for anything other than ultra-limited appearances of short duration. Biden’s handlers know that every time he speaks for more than a few minutes, even a few miles away from home, he loses thousands of voters.

Two, more compelling for Obama, he must cover his own tracks. Helping Biden get elected is the only possible way, however far-fetched that notion. Last August, it was revealed that Obama spied on the Trump campaign and knew that there was no Trump/Russian collusion. He also weaponized federal agencies, among so many other misdeeds.

Contorting the Role of President

As with all presidents, under Obama the federal government was supposed to serve U.S. citizens, not conduct massive political agendas, thwart national elections, shield their own lawbreakers, spy on its own citizens, sell guns to drug dealers, and offer outrageous rewards to illegal entrants.

Obama’s over-reliance on executive orders, executive agreements, and agency rule-making prompted even The New York Times to conclude that his unilateral domestic policy alterations were unparalleled in modern times. Obama’s two terms have since been characterized as “bureaucratic bulldozing, rather than legislative transparency.”

In a second term for Donald Trump, Obama knows that everything will likely be exposed once Trump is no longer concerned with getting re-elected. As such, Obama, potentially, could be indicted for treason. Maybe that’s a Republicans pipe dream, but at the least Obama’s legacy will be tarnished for the ages, beyond repair. He will go down in history, along with, perhaps, Woodrow Wilson, as a president who actually hated America, disguised his hatred well, and did everything he could to upend our society.

Not a Single Voter Persuaded

The tens, or perhaps hundreds, to whom Obama speaks on the campaign trail, will not be persuaded by him in any way. Many of those who attend do so to tell their friends that they saw Obama, live and in person. Obama’s actual record in influencing others to vote for Democrats, however, is beyond abysmal. As with Joe Biden, the mainstream press consistently ran cover for Obama and downplayed or ignored his long list of failures. He was a political flash-in-the-pan, now taken seriously by exceedingly few.

From the time he took office on January 20, 2008, until the time he left office eight years later, the record of Obama’s “ability to persuade” is irrefutable. On the national level, NPR reported in 2016 that, “When Obama took office, there were 60 Democratic senators.” When Obama departed, there were 46. NPR also stated, “The number of House seats held by Democrats has shrunk from 257 to 188. There are now nine fewer Democratic governors than in 2009. Democrats currently hold fewer elected offices nationwide than at any time since the 1920s.”

On the state level in 2016, according to the Encyclopedia of American Politics, the Republican Party held more seats in 82 of 99 state legislative chambers, some 82.3 percent, in January 2017 than it did in January 2009. “During President Barack Obama’s two terms in office, Democrats experienced a net loss of 968 state legislative seats, the largest net loss of state legislative seats in this category since World War II.”

chart included in the entry presents the Democrats’ greatest losses in state legislative seats during Obama’s two terms. The list includes the Arkansas State Senate with 18 seats lost, the West Virginia State Senate with 16 seats lost, the Arkansas House of Representatives with 46 seats lost, the West Virginia House of Representatives with 43 seats lost, and the Oklahoma State Senate with 16 lost seats.

Thanks, but No Thanks, Bro

When you’ve got as little campaign savvy and capability as Joe Biden, head to any port in the storm. Barack Obama, at the least, can string several sentences together without a flub. But the record of Obama’s current capability to persuade voters, as they say, speaks for itself.