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Thomas Lifson’s 10/26/2020 informative post detailed how Europe is now experiencing a second wave of COVID deaths.  The American mainstream media echoed the claim about the COVID spike in Europe and are also claiming that a similar one is happening in the USA based mostly on increased positive tests.  However, that trend correlates closely with the increased testing.


Unbiased COVID-19 data for this analysis was found in an interactive chart from Our World in Data.  Their COVID-19 data uses a seven-day moving average of daily deaths per million people to make it easier to compare trends for large and small countries.  I selected data for the USA and several individual European countries that posted a significant second wave trend starting around September.  The data in Chart 1 below clearly show that all these countries experienced a major spike in deaths from March to mid-April and confirm the second surge in Europe.  However, evidence of a similar surge in the U.S. is not clear.  The U.S. trend since the middle of June did not go as low and stayed relatively flat.  I am not sure about the data from elsewhere, but I suspect that the U.S. numbers are inflated (+25%) due to the many deaths reported with COVID being counted the same as those confirmed to have died from COVID.



At the beginning of the pandemic, the initial hysteria focused on Italy because it got infected first due to hosting thousands of visitors from China for the latter’s Belt and Road initiative.  However, highest per capita deaths were actually in relatively small Belgium.  From July through September, average daily deaths for most European countries remained under 1 per million, while the U.S. never got below 2.  At the time, it looked as though the pandemic was over for Europe,




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