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It was President Nixon’s vision, determination, and courage that opened China to America and to the Western world. As president and for the rest of his life, Richard Nixon worked to build a relationship with China-based upon mutual benefits and obligations that respected America’s bedrock national interests.

Today, we in America are obliged to assess whether or not President Nixon’s labors and his hopes for such a relationship have been met or whether they are being undermined.

The world was much different then.

We imagined engagement with China would produce a future with a bright promise of comity and cooperation.

But today – today we’re all still wearing masks and watching the pandemic’s body count rise because the CCP failed in its promises to the world. We’re reading every morning new headlines of repression in Hong Kong and in Xinjiang.

Americans in both major parties now see China much more negatively than in the recent past, but Republicans are more likely than Democrats to express skepticism across a range of measures, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. The survey, conducted in June and July, comes as Donald Trump and Joe Biden both make China a key campaign issue ahead of the U.S. presidential election in November.

Back in August the White House trade adviser Peter Navarro on Wednesday accused the Democratic Party and Chinese Communist Party of entering into a “common cause” to defeat President Trump in November.

“What I think is happening here is that the Democrat Party and the Chinese Communist Party have entered into a common cause to defeat Donald J. Trump and their whole strategy, their whole strategy is based on blaming this administration for a global pandemic created by the Chinese Communist Party,” Navarro told reporters at the White House.

Navarro did not elaborate on his suggestion that Democrats and China had entered into some kind of agreement. Later, he insisted that the Chinese Communist Party “has thrown their lot in with the Democrat Party,” saying it was obvious based on China’s “information warfare” against the Trump administration.

The mainstream media quickly denied this statement as false as well as the recent accusation for VP Biden himself that his family managed to gain a huge fortune from China.

But one video that was sent to us this morning by a person who wishes to stay anonymous shows a U.S. congressman Al Green allegedly admitting that the Dems are in bed with China and there is nothing we can do about it.

The woman on the video is heard saying: “Stop Selling us out to China.” Al Green responds by saying:

“There is nothing you can do about it”

Video below:

(Videoo uploaded on the site)

“We also have to wonder why Democrats are so hesitant to hold China accountable? I don’t know what the Chinese Communist Party has on the Democrats, but it is effective.

“The evidence is undeniable: they are conducting espionage, hacking our vaccine development research, and today there was even an Axios report that warned about China’s increased capability in interfering in our elections.

“Yet Democrats have voted against our attempts to hold China accountable. Just yesterday in a mark-up about an election interference bill Ranking Member McCaul tried to amend it to also talk about China and the Democrats all voted against it and refused…

“Also yesterday, Democrats voted against our attempt to bring up a bill that has been sitting on Speaker Pelosi’s desk for more than a month — the CONFUCIUS Act by Senator Kennedy.

“Also sitting on Pelosi’s desk is the Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act [also] by Senator Kennedy. Pelosi has held this since May.

“And last week, they voted against my bill to hold China accountable for hacking America’s COVID research for a vaccine. At the same time on the same day, we indicted two Chinese hackers for coming after the vaccine…

Instead of taking action to keep Americans safe, Democrats are making excuses… Look at what they have said:

Biden: ‘We believe that a rising China is a positive development…’ Pelosi: ‘What the President is saying about China is interesting – it’s an interesting diversion…’ Schiff: Blames the ‘escalation’ on America – on closing the Houston consulate ‘This very dramatic and sudden escalation with China is all about politics…’ Smith: ‘It’s not actually [China’s] job to warn the American people about the virus…’ What do you think?