Headline of the Day

Civil Rights attorney Leo Terrell, a prominent Democrat turned Trump supporter, has come under fire from his colleagues for refusing to support Joe Biden and Black Lives Matter. Despite that, Terrell said he isn’t in favor of the modern-day Democratic Party and what they stand for.

“The Democratic Party in 2020 is as follows: it’s been hijacked by Black Lives Matter and that’s why I’ve shifted away from the Democratic Party. Two major reasons: One, Joe Biden made the assumption that if you’re not black, that if you’re black you have to vote Democrat. I find that insulting and offensive to every African American because we don’t vote as one group,” he told the Daily Caller. “Secondly, defunding the police is absolutely ridiculous. Democrats believe in law and order. Those are two major reasons I left the Democratic Party.”

According to the civil rights attorney, the Black Lives Matter movement lacks any substantive policies and their only goal is to defeat President Trump. It was Biden’s comments about blacks needing to vote for the Democratic Party that made Terrell question his values.

“When Joe Biden made that comment, I had to question my value and find out whether or not the Democratic Party and I still were compatible and we’re not, because everything that’s going on in 2020 with Black Lives Matter, with defunding the police, with making the assumption that if you’re black you have to vote for the Democrat, that is not what I stand for as a civil rights attorney,” he explained.

Even though Terrell believes the officers involved in George Floyd’s murder were in the wrong, he still believes in law and order and the need for law enforcement.

“Ninety-eight percent of all police officers are good. Get rid of two percent but not the entire police force and I think that Black Lives Matter has hijacked this entire issue and now we’re talking about taking down monuments, taking down statues, we’re talking about painting streets,” he said. “None of that goes to police reform and changing the system within the system.”

The other issue Terrell has with the BLM movement is the use of the term “systemic discrimination,” which he says no one knows the meaning of.

“They don’t even know what it means. I know what it means. This is not 1960. You got Democratic cities – Chicago, Atlanta, LA – run by Democrats, run by people of color. There’s chaos in those cities and they’re calling ‘systemic discrimination.’ They need to look in the mirror,” Terrell told the Daily Caller. “This is not 1960. This is not Bull Connor. This is not German Shepherds chasing black folks down the street and yet they play this game of using a word, a term, a phrase that does not apply in 2020.”

Terrell also made it clear that it’s not racist to question Black Lives Matter or their agenda.

“Let me be as clear as possible: I, as a black man, as an American, do not support Black Lives Matter. Why? Very simple. Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about all black lives,” he said.

The attorney named off a few examples, including St. Louis Police Department Captain David Dorn, who served his community as a member of the SLPD for 38 years. He was murdered in cold blood in early June when he protected a friend’s pawn shop from looters and rioters.

Terrell also mentioned the BLM is conveniently silent when black-on-black crime takes place in America’s inner cities or a black police officer is killed in the line of duty.

“They are profiteers. You will see Al Sharpton – you’ll see him at a police case involving a black man and a white officer, but other than that, those are the only black lives that matter,” he said.

CNN and MSNBC have pushed the notion that defunding the police will somehow help skyrocketing crime. Terrell reminded viewers that Seattle’s CHOP zone was complete chaos that eventually had to be disbanded.

“Black people died in that CHOP zone! There was no Black Lives Matter. There was no Al Shaprton. It’s ludicrous,” he said. “You can not be a law and order Democrat and vote Democrat this year.”

“Joe Biden is an empty suit being hijacked by extremists on the left. That’s why I’m not part of the Democratic Party in 2020,” Terrell explained.

The attorney also pointed out one obvious fact: Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) has put together a police reform package and Democrats have shunned him.

“It didn’t see the light of day on the Senate floor. You know why? Because two black Democrats – I won’t mention their names – Cory Booker and Kamala Harris – they wouldn’t let it get to the floor. You know why? Because they want to take full credit and if you have an ‘R’ in front of you name, you cannot be in favor of police reform,” Terrell explained. “This is ludicrous.”

Colleagues who the attorney has known for more than 30 years have written him off because he’s thinking with his head and his heart. But Terrell said he doesn’t care.

“They’re so hell-bent on defeating Trump, they’ll vote for anyone. I can’t ignore or dismiss logic,” he said.