Headline of the Day

“It’s like stuffing the umpire’s pocket full of cash before they call the first ball and strike,” Phill Kline said.

Zuckerberg announced that he and his wife Priscilla Chan are shelling out $400 million to organizations for election-related purposes. $250 million to the Center for Tech and Civic Life to provide funding for local counties to have the staffing, training, and equipment they need,..towards recruiting poll workers (including hazard pay and training), renting polling places, buying PPE for poll workers, providing temporary staffing, supporting drive-through voting, and more…$50 million to The Center for Election Innovation & Research that will go to Secretary of State offices that are working to ensure states’ electoral systems are secure and voters are informed.”… $100 million dollar donation to the ‘Center for Tech and Civic Life’.

“Though they profess to be nonpartisan in their management of CTCL and the Zuckerberg funds, CTCL’s three leaders – Tiana Epps-Johnson, Whitney May, and Donny Bridges – all worked for a stridently progressive organization, the New Organizing Institute, before joining CTCL.”

. CTCL group is picking out cities and counties and telling them, we will give you money but you have to run the election our way, the way we tell you to do it.”

“Those are two of the key points of authority that anybody who is trying to consolidate power needs to control, and that is the flow of information and how elections are managed,”

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