Headline of the Day

In a recent podcast, Michelle Obama, as she continues to shed her “no red state nor blue state America but just United States of America” skin to reveal a ruthless, myopic partisan looking to settle scores from fights unknown while making clear to those paying attention how America became so much more divided after the Obama presidency, complains that the opposition to the protesters is “once again patently false, morally wrong, and racist.” After all, she insists, the violence is committed by just a “tiny fraction” of the protesters.

This tiny fraction concept has become as virulent a propaganda tool as the selective edit. Those incidents fortunate enough to be deemed a “tiny fraction” are isolated incidents, outliers that can neither be enlarged to represent any other larger group nor be enlarged to foreshadow a growing trend. So when leftist groups advocating for causes that leftist leaders ardently support demonstrate, leaving destruction and mayhem in their wake, the left insulates itself from any responsibility by invoking the “tiny fraction” clause.

However, in those not so immortal words of Michelle Obama, the tiny fraction excuse is patently false, morally wrong, and even racist. First of all, the assertion of a tiny fraction is an absurdity. An estimated 570 riots were violent during the George Floyd protests, 19 people died during 14 days of those protests, and approximately 2 billion dollars of damage has accrued from all this peace. The magnitude of damage from a tiny fraction strains credulity, especially given the opportunity for live viewing of so many of these riots, in which looters and harassers are clearly more than small fractions, while the other participants, if any, cheerlead with venomous gusto.