Headline of the Day

Vladimir Putin is good again, at least according to some liberals. The Russian dictator came out yesterday and defended Joe Biden, saying that there was nothing criminal about what the former VP and his son were doing in their corrupt business dealings….So, now we trust Putin’s declarations on important topics?

Or does the previous standard to assume the opposite of what the Russian leader says still apply? It’s all very convenient, yet completely predictable….Notice how they suddenly present Putin as a credible, unbiased figure because the orange man is bad. That the Russian VP would speak against Trump here is not authoritative, but manipulative.

Putin has never actually “liked” Donald Trump and everyone with any sense knows that. Trump has been far harder on Russia than Joe Biden ever was as Vice President. Under the Obama administration, Russia was allowed to take over large swaths of the Middle East, including via a “deal” made with John Kerry’s State Department that basically handed over Syria. The Iran deal was heavily supported by Russia because Iran is a Russian proxy. Then there’s Crimea, where Putin actually invaded another country without a finger being lifted…

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