Headline of the Day

Hunter Biden’s alleged sex tapes and images showing him using drugs and engaging in sexual acts with several women have been uploaded on a Chinese digital video platform linked to Steve Bannon Saturday evening.

The videos and images appeared to be uploaded by a single user on GTV, which is a subsidiary of GTV Media Group, founded by former Trump senior adviser Steve Bannon and Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui in April 2020.

It’s not clear if the footage came from Biden’s alleged ‘laptop from hell’, but some images appear to be from a third party laptop.

But it seems that DOJ and Nancy Pelosi had this information since September and did nothing about it.

When the New York Post, on October 14, published its first report about Hunter Biden’s hard drive, that wasn’t the first time Hunter’s computer made the news. According to the Daily Beast, on September 25, a Guo-affiliated YouTube station uploaded a Chinese-language video announcing that Guo and Bannon had sent “sent three hard disks of evidence” to both the Justice Department and Nancy Pelosi.

Three days later, Himalaya Global, a movement that Guo and Bannon started, published a tweet making the same announcement, only adding that the disks created a “big money and sex scandal.” Twitter has since suspended the account, but the Daily Beast captured the contents (image below):

When the Daily Beast wrote its October 16 article, it labeled the Guo outlet’s claims as “absurd on their face” and added that they showed “endless conspiracy theorizing….” Since then, revelations from the New York Post, Rudy Giuliani, Tony Bobulinski, and other anonymous sources have confirmed that Hunter’s hard drive had compromising financial information. Now, thanks to GTV’s videos and photos, it looks like Guo was also telling the truth about a sex scandal.

In other words, the allegations in the tweet about disks of evidence and financial and sex scandals appear true. That makes it possible, indeed probable, that the other allegation in the tweet is true: namely, that not only has the FBI had Hunter’s computers since December 2019, but also that both Nancy Pelosi and the DOJ have been sitting on the same information since September 28, 2020.

The Chinese billionaire behind the website where explicit photographs and videos of Hunter Biden were leaked on Saturday night has warned that “there will be more than 10,000 pictures” and “more and more videos.” Lude (Wang DingGang), founder of Lude Media and part of the Whistle-Blower Movement that is aimed at exposing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), was banned on Twitter soon after the leaks started.

Undeterred, Lude began posting about the leaks on Parler, a freer speech alternative to Twitter, where he quickly gained thousands of followers.

“There will more and more than 10000 pictures coming,” Lude wrote on the social network. “There will be more and more videos coming!”

The explicit leaks are riddled with drugs and what appear to be prostitutes. They have called into question whether or not a Biden presidency would be a national security threat with the amount of blackmail material on his son.