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Trump Levels Grandpa Gropes


Let me be clear about something up front here: last night’s debate wasn’t even close. President Trump won this thing in a rout, even though you won’t be finding that out from any mainstream media outlets.


I would once again remind you all that I am the resident pessimist and curmudgeon here at PJ Media when it comes to this election and the president’s chances, so it’s not as if I am simply offering some MAGA fan-boy stuff here. I thought Trump was awful in the first debate.


I also thought Biden was awful in the first debate too, just to clarify.


Trump had to overcome the same obstacle every Republican faces in these contests: a thoroughly biased moderator. Kristen Welker of NBC News is being lauded on social media and by her colleagues in the MSM for her performance. The nicest thing I can honestly say about her is that she was less awful than Chris Wallace.


Welker was continually interrupting the president. As the evening wore on, she became more shrill. Her voice took on that angry girlfriend tone that Savannah Guthrie used during the town hall event with President Trump last week.


When Biden spoke, however, Welker didn’t say a word.

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