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In addition to claiming the scandal doesn’t matter and hurling accusations at Trump, Dickerson wrapped up his hackish commentary by assuring that Biden’s supporters in the leftist media would prevent the story from ever being covered:

The problem is, as Margaret [Brennan] pointed out, is that Joe Biden has an ally in the news cycle. Which is if President Trump tries to shift the turf onto the Biden family for the purposes of muddying Joe Biden, the news cycle keeps returning to the central piece of this campaign, which is coronavirus and the President’s response to it, and the country has a very negative view of that. And as these numbers continue, it keeps voters focused on that very bad issue for the President.

Dickerson’s promise of a complicit “news cycle” seemed to echo Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd, during NBC’s post-debate special, confidently declaring that most people didn’t know anything about the scandal because every left-wing media outlet has censored the story.

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