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One of President Trump’s most consequential actions has been the appointment of Originalist and Textualist judges on the Article III courts. Judge Amy Coney Barret is the latest example. She is likely to make a critical difference for the Second Amendment on the Supreme Court.


That will come to a halt if the Republicans lose control of the Senate, starting with Arizona.

A group in Arizona, which was organized in part by Second Amendment rock star Doug Ritter and his wife, Sue, has started informing Arizonans about the danger to the Second Amendment which Martha McSally’s opponent, Mark Kelly, represents. Here is a very important release of the campaign you need to take action on:

Sue and I wanted to let you know about a very critical project here in Arizona to help protect our Second Amendment. The new “AZ 2A For McSally” Facebook page  @AZ2A4MCSALLY  features a pair of videos supporting pro-Second Amendment Republican Senator Martha McSally. These videos spotlight the stark contrast between staunchly pro-2A McSally and Democrat Mark “Gun Grabber” Kelly on the issues of gun control and the Second Amendment.

Please pass this along to all your friends.  Share this @AZ2A4MCSALLY FB page and videos on social media and anywhere you can.

These videos are not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Arizona is a strongly pro-Second Amendment state, rated by Guns & Ammo Magazine as having the best gun laws in the nation since 2013. Despite a long anti-gun record and support from the Godfather of gun control, Michael Bloomberg, Kelly has tried to avoid the issue and portray himself as a centrist. We all know that is B.S.



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