Headline of the Day

They are oh-so-righteous, aren’t they? All the Don Lemons, Jake Tappers, Chris Cuomos, Jeffrey Toobins. The Scullys. The Chris Wallaces. The Morning Joes and Mikas. The Stephanopouloses. They sit night and day passing judgment on the character of the president of the United States, his honesty, his morality.


They bait him at interviews. They bait him at debates. They go after his taxes. They lie endlessly about his perfectly reasonable Charlottesville remarks and bait him to condemn White supremacists — which he has done dozens of times — while allowing his opponent, the racist, corrupt, and immoral Biden, a free pass on the hatred manifested by the so-called Black Lives Matter street gangs that assault people at outdoor restaurants and that burn down neighborhoods.

They are despicable.

No fair-minded person would deny the media their right to investigate wrongdoing. But they do not do that.


Who are these people who sit in judgment? Our federal judges go through a vetting, an “advise and consent.” So, regardless of whether we like a Ruth Bader Ginsburg (not) or an Amy Coney Barrett (love her), we get a vetting. If a Democrat judge — a fair vetting. If a Republican-nominated judge, a cross between a Spanish Inquisition and a Stalinist Show Trial, replete with false charges, torture, and demands for public apologies for sins never committed.


All the master baiters. The Democrats of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Kamala Harris, who slept her way up the ladder of Democrat politics with Willie Brown, a man 31 years her senior and very married, yet cavorting with him publicly, posing with him in night outfits that said it all, while Brown’s wife gave interviews to the media reminding Harris that Willie remained married with a wife…

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