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The evidence establishing a shocking pattern is now clear: Hunter Biden and his business partners sold access to Joe Biden when he was the Obama administration’s point man on China. This took place during the period when U.S. jobs were being exported to China by the millions. Hunter earned many millions of dollars and funneled a share of that money to his father in return for selling out American workers.

An entirely new source — a business partner of Hunter Biden who has “flipped” and granted full access (i.e., his username and password) to years of his Gmail email account — reveals that access to then-V.P. Biden in the White House was granted in 2011 to a high-level group of members of the Chinese Communist Party with a keen interest in U.S. trade policy, as that policy was being formulated.

Breitbart has an exclusive story, co-authored by Peter Schweizer, who received access to the email trove of Bevan Cooney, formerly Hunter Biden’s partner in crime, now serving time in federal prison for a fraud that he claims he was the fall guy for, taking the heat for Hunter.

Moreover, the MacBook hard drive emails have been authenticated by at least two people whose emails were found on it and who verify that the hard drive contains their true communications.


President Trump is already speaking about the “Biden Crime Family” in his campaign rallies and will share a stage with Biden in the scheduled debate moderated by NBC’s Kristen Welker. More and more evidence will be coming out each day, and quite notably, Biden and his lawyers are not contesting the veracity of the emails from Hunter’s MacBook and they have not yet been asked about the Cooney email account, which is readily verifiable.

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