Headline of the Day

Is Joe Biden a presidential candidate or the godfather of a mafia-style crime family?

It looks like the latter, based on the latest revelations from Hunter Biden’s abandoned MacBook Pro computer, which at this point has so many damning revelations coming from it it’s starting to remind me of the captured FARC computer of 2007.

The latest emails reveal a man obsessed with getting his payment cut for “introductions” to people like his dad, not just with the Ukrainians, but the Chinese, to the tune of tens of thousands, if not millions of dollars.

Hunter in fact drove a hard bargain for his “introductions” to his father and perhaps others in the Obama administration and the cash rolled in. And American foreign policy became quite the object out there for sale. Imagine this machine scarfing up cash, and combine it with the Clinton and maybe Obama political machines also scarfing up cash from third world satraps eager for an audience.

More ominous still, the cash wasn’t all for Hunter. Joe Biden apparently got some, quite a director’s cut really, making Hunter Biden look like a cog in a family syndicate, the hapless, schlemiel-like Fredo in the operation … who answers to “the Big Guy.”

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