Headline of the Day

Attempts by radical left politicians to divide business leaders and employees by engaging in class warfare may spark riots in the streets but will always fail to separate the bonds of trust established from professional relationships. Business owners work hard to succeed – and they know a large part of success is because employees work hard too. This fact is recognized by rewarding employees for their efforts with bigger paychecks and expanded benefits. When employees and businesses are united, it opens doors for further contributions to the community, economy, and society.

Another critical element required to build and maintain successful businesses is an economic climate where it can operate efficiently, safely, and profitably (to allow for even more job growth.) That is why a new political action committee (PAC) – Raise Up for Trump – was recently formed to combat those trying to drive a wedge between employees and business owners, and further, advocate for more business and people-first policies, allowing everyone to prosper.

The concept behind the Raise Up PAC is simple:  Business leaders are asked to sign a pledge that when President Trump is reelected, they will give across the board pay raises to employees, and note the reason for the pay increases so that their team members understand how a favorable business climate in the country has a positive impact on everyone.

To continue the positive trajectory of our country, business leaders see the critical need to reelect President Trump. Under President Trump’s leadership, a continued renewal of the business, tax, and regulatory environment – and the return of law and order – that we all need to thrive – is anticipated.

A Biden-Harris administration poses significant risks to businesses, employees, and the overall economy. The costs of running a business in these uncertain times, combined with the political left’s pursuit of job killing regulations and extreme taxation will crush the bottom line and the American spirit if Democrats are successful.

The radical left is desperate to gain power back and using every trick in the book so that they can further their goals and ideology: pit workers against businesses, pack the Supreme Court with Leftist justices who can legislate from the bench, raise taxes even higher to further buy votes with “favors and entitlements.”  This is bad for our businesses, our workers, our economy, and our great country.

Alternatively, President Trump’s administration rescued a stagnant economy, created more jobs than ever before, lowered taxes, and created real opportunities for Americans to pursue their dreams by placing us on the right path. The recovery is already underway. To stop it now would be both foolish and dangerous.

Many companies already rewarded employees with the benefits that President Trump’s tax plan gave them by bringing their production home and bringing corporate taxes more in line with other developed “producing” countries. The business community can do even more in an extended Trump administration.

The positive trajectory of our country must continue for the survival of the business community setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

By committing to across-the-board pay raises for employees, it shows business leaders are confident that under President Trump’s leadership, businesses can grow, contribute more to the economy, give back to communities, and directly reward employees.

Raise Up PAC supporters and organizers look at supporting President Trump through an apolitical lens. This support from the business community is synonymous with supporting their businesses and employees. What better way to prove that than putting money where their mouth is? It is a brilliant investment.