Headline of the Day


When Twitter started blocking people who were sharing the link to yesterday’s bombshell New York Post story exposing Joe and Hunter Biden — including White House Press Secretary Kayley McEnany — Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee posted the story. After all, Twitter isn’t going to censure an official government document.

Breitbart is reporting Twitter has. Here’s the big question. Big Tech’s reaction is drastically out of proportion to the story, as we’ll see. Why the frenzied determination to shut the story down? Why are they panicking? What are they trying to hide 19 days before the election?

Even More Outrageous

Twitter branded links to the website of the House Committee on the Judiciary “potentially unsafe.” That’s outrageous.

Wait. It gets even more outrageous. Twitter also locked the official Trump Campaign account! With less than three weeks before the election! (It’s now back up.)


But wait again. It gets even more outrageous than that. What makes this open and despicable censorship so unfathomable is the Biden camp is not even denying the story! Big Tech is deliberately blocking a true story.

As Politico reported Wednesday, “Biden’s campaign would not rule out the possibility that the former VP had some kind of informal interaction with Vadym Pozharskyi.” The campaign said any encounter would have been cursory.

The Real Story

The Burisma hot shot Pozharskyi thanked Hunter Biden for setting up a meeting

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