Headline of the Day

In a single year, Democrats have abused more children than all of Epstein’s Orgy Island would have in one hundred. Epstein was going to serve life behind bars for crimes against potentially hundreds of young people; what will happen to Democrats that continue to destroy the innocent lives numbering in the millions?

Nothing fired up decent people like Netflix’s release of Cuties, and despite the outrage, it remains available to stream. Sure, they might lose a few subscribers for the pornographic and despicable portrayal of prepubescent girls, who, according to the film’s IMDB parent guide, consume and mimic porn, take photos of their genitals, dance suggestively, and perform all sorts of lascivious acts that warrant a suggested R rating. As one commenter at Townhall noted, if this content were anywhere else other than Netflix, say on one’s personal computer, there would be police knocking down the door.

As bad as Cuties was, at least the damage was contained to a few girls whose lives were already in the decline, given that they are growing up in homes with parents who think it’s acceptable to sell them off to the highest sexual bidder. That Democrats celebrate this as art and can then accuse Amy Coney Barrett of being a bad mom should repulse every parent.

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