Headline of the Day

Before MSNBC’s The ReidOut decided on Wednesday to only mention the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings once, Tuesday’s show was filled with rank sexism against Barrett as panelists ruled that “this woman” and “this lady” was akin to the Proud Boys, guilty of collusion with the Trump administration to get rid of ObamaCare, a real-life SNL skit, and too dumb to understand the law.

The Beat host Ari Melber went down the collusion route after Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) finished wrapping her questioning of Barrett, praising her for pressing Barrett about when she had written a law review article disagreeing with the first ObamaCare case and received “this plum promotion from the President” as if to insinuate some quid pro quo. As usual with the liberal media, Barrett didn’t actually condemn the Affordable Care Act itself.

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