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More and more, Gen Z black voters are questioning why blacks should be loyal to the Democrat Party that they see as severely lacking in appeal.


According to a report at Politico, many of these young blacks born after 1990 are wondering just why they should be all fired up about the Democrats when every single Democrat-run city in America is an absolute, bankrupt mess.

Certainly, blacks in the U.S. are still holding onto the outmoded idea that the Democrat Party is the “party of civil rights,” a false notion that gained steam in the 1970s. But things seem to be on the verge of changing.

A 2019 Pew Research Center study, for instance, found that liberals make up a majority of the Democratic voting bloc, but blacks are not so ready to claim to be liberal. 43 percent of them said they identified as moderate and 25 percent even identified as conservative.

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Some of these blacks who consider themselves more conservative are realizing that the Democrat Party stands against families, for one. And that activism against traditional marriage and families is detrimental to the black community.

Many of these young black conservatives are organizing and talking amongst themselves about how bad the Democrat agenda has been for them.

As Fox News noted:

For example, Congress’ 1994 Crime Bill is being scrutinized anew by Gen Zers across the country. Many feel the bill, which Biden co-authored, disproportionately affects Black communities — even though the ban on assault weapons was popular among Black lawmakers almost 30 years ago.

Young Black conservatives say their support for Trump is based on policies that work for them: the First Step Act, the FUTURE Act and economic success leading to historically low Black unemployment numbers.

This growing movement is important for Republicans. Because, even though the Democrats have been able to count on the near total, blind support of blacks in the past, with elections often as close as they have been recently, even if 10 to 30 percent of blacks stray from the Democrats, it could hurt the leftist party’s chances of winning elections.