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Nancy Pelosi slammed CNN’S Wolf Blitzer as a ‘Republican apologist’ in a fiery meltdown on Tuesday evening. ‘I don’t know why you’re always an apologist — and many of your colleagues, apologists for the Republican position,’ Pelosi responded as Blitzer mentioned Khanna’s comments on the bill. ‘Ro Khanna, that’s nice. That isn’t what we’re going to do. And nobody’s waiting until February.’ She said she could not accept the Republican deal as it is, because child tax credits and earned income credits were ‘eliminated’. ‘They minimize the need for childcare, which is the threshold with which people, mothers and fathers, can go to work if they have that,’ she added. ‘I want this very much now, because people need help now, but it’s no use giving them a false thing just because the president wants to put a check with his name on it in the mail.’

‘We know the problem out there,’ Blitzer interrupted, ‘but there are millions of Americans who have lost their jobs. They can’t pay the rent. Kids need the food—’

‘That’s right, and that’s what we’re trying to get done,’ Pelosi fired back. The fireworks began early in the interview as Blitzer off the bat asked Pelosi why she wouldn’t accept the Republican party offer.

He asked her to look Americans ‘in the eye… and explain why you don’t want to accept the president’s latest stimulus offer’.

‘I hope you’ll ask the same question of the Republicans on why they don’t want to meet the needs of the American people,’ Pelosi responded.

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