Headline of the Day

Imagine if President Trump, Vice President Pence, or pretty much any major figure in the Trump administration was supposed to show up at a campaign event anywhere in the United States. Depending on who it was, somewhere between a few hundreds to a few thousand people would show up, even if they knew the couldn’t attend the actual event.

I’m not talking about a rally. Those are normally packed. But just an appearance by the President anywhere would draw a huge crowd even if only in hopes of an opportunity to wave at him passing by. But the same cannot be said about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as we learned this week in Yuma, Arizona. Nobody showed up. That’s not hyperbole. There weren’t hundreds or dozens or even a few supporters there. They had literally ZERO fans come out for their first official joint campaign event.

The Biden campaign told NewsNow from Fox that they didn’t publicize the time or location of the event. But this was a bald-faced lie. All local news channels announced the event the day before, and it’s likely local newspapers did as well. The passion simply isn’t there.

How do we reconcile this with the mainstream media narrative that Biden is beating President Trump in the polls. The answer is simple. We debunk the narrative because it’s false. What the vast majority of Americans do not realize is that polls are biased. All of them. They are almost never done with a properly diverse range of voters. The questions are invariably tilted in one direction or another. And perhaps the most important reason polls are skewed is because “shy” Trump voters have been shown to claim they’re voting for Biden.

There’s a more nefarious reason the inflated narrative about Biden’s popularity is being promoted so heavily. As we all know, most in mainstream media want him to win. There are two psychological effects on voters based on polls. First, human nature makes many side with the winning team. They like to be associated with winners, so those on the fence may be compelled to support Biden without even realizing why.

The second reason this narrative is being pushed is to suspend disbelief in Trump supporters. We look around. We talk to our friends and relatives. We see images like the one above and contrast it against images from Trump campaign visits. All signs point to a Trump victory, yet the polls tell us otherwise. This is meant to make us doubt our resolve and lose our passion to keep fighting. But this is also a mistake, the same one they made in 2016. For most patriots, we see this as a reason to harden our determination to bring victory to President Trump, the GOP, and America.

There has never been a more important election in any of our lifetimes. Both sides feel this way and are putting everything into helping their ticket win. Conservatives recognize the dangers a Biden-Harris presidency represents, so we’re doing everything we can to spread the truth. Leftists deny their own prosperity before the COVID-19 lockdowns and refuse to see the progress we’ve made in recent months. They’ve allowed their Trump Derangement Syndrome to supersede logic while suppressing their doubts in the efficacy of a Biden-Harris administration. But suppressing doubts does not equate to enthusiasm. That’s why images and videos like these exist, and why nobody in mainstream media is willing to talk about it.

Even knowing the truth, we cannot assume that everyone else knows it. We have to continue to press the issue on packing the courts, Russiagate, Hunter Biden’s crimes in Ukraine, Kamala Harris’ radical progressivism, and Joe Biden’s fading mental acuity. Mainstream media may be a joke to many of us, but their reach is still strong. Big Tech is fighting the truth as well, which is why stories like these must be shared far and wide.

It is incumbent on patriots to keep fighting the good fight for President Trump on behalf of this nation. Everything political is at stake right now. We cannot let the left and mainstream media hide the truth.