Headline of the Day

The United Kingdom’s Home Office has a national security webpage delineating the warning signs of “radicalization,” and it provides a remarkably accurate description of the political left here in America.

(1) Becoming increasingly argumentative

When was the last time Democrats looked happy about anything? For them, we are in a perpetual state of danger and misery. Unconscious racism taints everything in America. Masculinity is toxic. Carbon dioxide emissions — the very gas we exhale with each breath — guarantee the planet’s doom in five or ten or twenty years’ time. Math is racist. Merit is racist. Working hard, owning a home, getting married, and having children are all threateningly normative. Virtue and vice are too judgmental. The representative image of the Democratic Party is no longer FDR or JFK; it is the indelible video clip of a young woman screaming at the sky on the day of President Trump’s inauguration.

(2) Refusing to listen to differing points of view or engage with others who are different

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