Headline of the Day

Although the left continues to downplay the issues surrounding “election integrity” this November, mounting evidence points to what is likely to turn into an eventual series of disputes, lawsuits, and potential anarchy in a year that has already been marred by civil unrest nationally.

This election season has so far seen the discarding of a number of military ballots in the state of Pennsylvania, most of which were for President Trump. The fate of the Pennsylvania vote also looms large as some new procedures in the state during this unprecedented “coronavirus election” are sure to wind up in court due to a recent ruling that is gives PA voters an extra three days to return their mail ballots.

This matter may also play into the Supreme Court confirmation process of Amy Coney Barrett, as Republicans in Pennsylvania are already asking the SCOTUS to review the controversial ruling.

Apart from the issues in Pennsylvania, the vote counts in Texas and Florida may also see complications this election cycle as well. In the Lone Star State, a recently uncovered ballot harvesting operation being orchestrated by Biden operatives threatens to turn the GOP stronghold into a Democratic fiefdom.

In Florida, the issue of whether to allow convicted felons to vote, as well as a recent issue related to the state’s voter registration site, which has compelled some in the state to demand that Gov. Ron DeSantis conduct an immediate investigation, has cast a dark cloud over the highly coveted battleground state.

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