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Megyn Kelly rebuked Senator Kamala Harris on Tuesday, October 6, for a series of facial expressions the California Democrat made during the vice presidential debate, suggesting that there are several ways to deal with a political opponent. Taking to Twitter, the former Fox News and NBC News star advised Harris to take Vice President Pence’s arguments “like a woman” and “not make faces,” The Hill reported.

Following Kelly’s remarks, A&E’s Elizabeth Vargas, formerly of ABC News, appeared to take offense. “Take it like a woman?” Vargas tweeted in response. “Instead of ‘like a man,’ We can be stoic too,” Kelly explained.

Kelly’s reaction came as part of a wave of mixed reactions to Harris’ facial expressions — which ranged from smirking to smiling to glaring — at the 2020 vice presidential debate held in Salt Lake City, Utah. “I truly couldn’t sympathize more with her having this problem but the smirking, eye rolls, angry laughing, general facial expressions, etc. need to be dialed down about 200 notches,” Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway tweeted.

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