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Black Lives Matter mobs protesting in Wisconsin over the decision not to charge a black cop for fatally shooting a gun-firing teen turned their rage on innocent homeowners — lobbing rocks through windows on a residential street.

Troubling video showed up to a dozen people running up to homes in Wauwatosa, the sound of breaking glass and celebratory horn blasts as they repeatedly hurl heavy objects through windows.

“That’s people’s houses!” at least one distressed-sounding woman screamed, as others tried to get the rampaging mob to stop, as filmed by Julio Rosas, a reporter for the conservative publication Townhall.

“That’s their f—ing home — it’s not their fault!” shouted another man in the crowd.

Wauwatosa Police tweeted warnings to locals to “shelter in their homes, lock their doors, and move away from windows.”

At least one horrified homeowner confronted the mobs as a motorcyclist drove through his yard.

“Do you have any idea how many Democrats, how many MPS teachers, union members, other people that support you live on this street?” the man complained to protesters in another clip filmed by Townhall’s Rosas.

“Police your protest!” he called out to those arguing with him. “Show some respect!”

Other footage shot by Rosas showed mobs whooping in celebration as they smashed businesses’ windows, with one man walking along and using a hammer to calmly ensure every window broke.

WISN-TV reported windows broken at several businesses on the city’s north side, including a pharmacy, coffee shop, wall coverings store, cleaners and fitness center.

A group was also seen calmly looting a gas station, only leaving when someone warned “Hey the police coming” — with Rosas filming some running away with their hands up to celebrate their stolen loot.

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