Headline of the Day

Despite no study anywhere and ever, peer-reviewed, double-blind, or whatever has shown masks to be 100 percent effective in blocking the spread of COVID-19, the jackals in the Democrat Party and the legacy media (sorry for the redundancy) are blaming President Trump for contracting the Chinese Wuhan virus, saying he had it coming and invited it through his propensity for not wearing a mask in certain situations. These buzzards circling his bedside at Walter Reed Medical Center have long called his campaign rallies “super-spreader” events, unlike the riots and protests which are magically COVID-proof.

No medical journal or institution has ever said we could get the COVID-19 infection rate down to zero. It is a nasty, pernicious virus, made in and deliberately allowed to spread worldwide by China. No one can pinpoint the exact moment or source of any individual’s infection. So to say if you had done x, y, or z you wouldn’t have gotten infected is absolute nonsense. You can mitigate your risk but not eliminate it.

Masks have returned as an over-hyped preventative, but in fact, they prevent little. As even the sainted and hypocritical Dr. Anthony Fauci has noted, unless you are wearing a custom-fitted N95 mask that medical professionals wear, masks provide more emotional security than actual protection. People are constantly touching their face and adjusting them. They pull them under their chin or let them hang from their ears as Joe Biden loves to do, spreading virus particles to other parts of the body and other people.

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