Headline of the Day

It’s a common belief that our well heeled betters live in a different world than we do.

If they wish to, people of power and means can enjoy the very best nutrition, housing, and health care available. When it comes to buying personal protective equipment, money’s simply no object to them.

So why are luminaries like the president, members of the Senate, White House correspondents, and NFL stars coming down with COVID-19?

Because the measures the so-called experts keep blathering about, wearing face masks and social distancing, are next to useless. COVID-19 is simply working its way through the population, regardless of catchy slogans like “New York Tough” and “A small ask, wear a mask!”

As I mentioned in a previous article, a properly trained dentist enters a room; washes his hands thoroughly with warm water and soap; puts on a mask, gloves, and eye protection; and then contaminates them by treating the patient. Upon completion of treatment, the dentist takes off his eyewear for later disinfection, throws away his contaminated mask and gloves, and then washes his hands thoroughly before leaving the operatory.

He does this again and again and again, going through boxes of gloves and masks every day. In the time of coronavirus, is any lay person doing anything remotely close to this? Nope.

Let’s be real: no one can. And what dentists do pales in comparison to the sterile technique used in operating rooms. Yet even in the best O.R.s in America, there are occasional breakdowns in infection control. Perfect infection control is certainly a goal, but it’s a goal no health provider ever attains.

And while the fatality rate of COVID-19 is similar to past influenzas — and it mainly kills the elderly and medically compromised — this bug sure is contagious!

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