Headline of the Day

Savannah Police say one man is facing charges after throwing an unknown object and pointing a gun at a group of protestors Saturday afternoon.

34-year-old Fredrick James of Decatur is facing charges of aggravated assault and reckless conduct.

Police say about 30-40 protestors gathered in the intersection on Bay Street in front of city hall around 5:45 p.m. Saturday and laid down in the intersection blocking traffic, resulting in cars having to drive around them. One male driver drove up beside them and threw out a smoke grenade.

This led some of the protesters to run away while others began attacking the man’s trucks with objects and their fists.

As a result, the driver got out of the vehicle and pointed a gun at the remaining protestors.

Video below: (video uploaded on the site, can’t find a link)

By the time officers arrived the crowd and protestors had dispersed but the driver, who was identified as Fredrick James, 34, of Decatur, was soon located.

He was charged with aggravated assault and reckless conduct. Opinion: It’s completely within his rights.

I’d prefer to have drawn and remained at the low ready position instead of on them, but it did the same job.

I think he handled it just fine.

It is sad that it has literally come down to this, we as humans sure have jumped back in time with having to defend ourselves against these so-called Peaceful Protesters! Time to shut down these Terrorists!

My opinion is don’t lay in the road where cars drive (and horse buggies buggy) and also don’t bash in vehicles. You never know who might be armed and could pop a cap in you. And also, it’s rude and pathetic.