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Understand that when someone tells you he wants you dead, he wants you dead.

And that’s a very dangerous thing to want, because the intended victim gets a say, and he may start saying the same thing about you. I could talk about walking through the wrecked villages of Kosovo – villages that had mostly belonged to the Serbs who started the civil war then lost it – but that is probably going to be lost on the pampered and parochial left. History, be it modern Balkans or ancient, such as the cautionary tale that was the decline and fall of the Roman Republic, is something they are too smart to bother studying. They know what they think and what they want and they can’t be bothered with pests nagging them about how their paucity of wisdom could very well set into motion events they cannot control and that are unlikely to turn out in the way they hope.

We saw a lot of it – a lot of it – in response to the president’s pangolin pandemic diagnosis. Wishing that your opponent dies of a disease is pretty bad, but some go beyond the passive voice when hoping for our deaths. They seek to do it. Exhibit A is tech overlord Dick Costolo, a former Twitter CEO apparently, who tweeted on September 30th, “Me-first capitalists who think you can separate society from business are going to be the first people lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution. I’ll happily provide video commentary.” So Dick, which by coincidence also happens to also be your name, you want to play horsey, huh?

CARTOONS | CHIP BOK VIEW CARTOON I guess casually cheering the murder of political opponents gets you some guffaws from your pals in Palo Alto cafes. But those of us who have ventured outside of the carefully constructed (and costly, in terms of sweat and blood) safe space that is the United States, and who get that the natural state of man is not driving Teslas and sipping bespoke Napa Chardonnay in prosperous, secure enclaves with one’s liberal cronies, know better. People who cheerlead political murder tend to be people who will support political murder given the chance to make it happen.

One challenge for the dilettantes of death is to find the people who would actually commit political murder for them, but money and institutional inertia make that possible. As we have seen, woke zillionaires can fund their own lil’ revolutionaries. They are the ones behind Antifa, and if Donald Trump is reelected, we will likely see the DoJ (once Trump rids himself of the worse than useless FBI Director Christopher Wray, who never met self-serving establishment narrative he didn’t eagerly hump like a horny dog rubbing on the nearest leg) forced by Bill Barr to concede that this is an Astroturfed RICO conspiracy paid for by rich leftists. Yet, Antifa is not a combat organization (unless you are one person surrounded by a dozen of these brownshirts) but an information operation asset.

The real goal is control of the institutions that have combat power – the police, federal law enforcement, and the military. That’s where they can find people willing to kill, and maybe die, to impose the elites will. The cops, agents, and soldiers they dream of coopting to be their caste’s personal Gestapo and Wehrmacht provide the bodies who would actually do the dirty work – as Dick made clear when he said out loud what he is too smug and dumb to know he should have kept quiet, that he and the other tourist revolutionaries intend to be eager spectators to the gory unpleasantness that always accompanies a leftist revolution (“I’ll happily provide video commentary.”). Hijacking the government, and using loyalty to the country and co-opting the ingrained sense of duty in our cops and warriors as a means to manipulate them into being the enforcement mechanism for the tyranny the elite left dreams of imposing is the goal.

Remember, when someone says he wants you dead, he wants you dead. And the people who want you dead here in the USA intend to use the people you currently rely upon to keep you safe and secure as the means to do it. It’s actually quite cunning – if they can keep the cops, agents and soldiers in line. We’ve already seen lots of cops putting pensions over honor as they hassle citizens for mask crimes. The high-ranking Obama officer corps has already sold its collective soul for a handful of stars, and lots of colonels and generals would gleefully set their forces on uppity citizens – not rioters, but people like you – to please their Democrat masters. When the Biden administration orders the cops and agents, and maybe soldiers, to imprison or kill gun owners, the uniformed flinkies will be expected to spill blood if necessary, because when you send government officials with weapons to enforce a law, whether to bust a guy peddling loose Marlboros or to confiscate AR15s, you have to assume that a certain number of those encounters will end with dead citizens. And to folks like Dick, that casualty count is a feature and not a bug.

But the Dicks of the elite are spoiled and soft and while this all seems like fun and games to them, with somebody else doing the murdering, they don’t realize that history holds that the status quo doesn’t remain in effect for everyone else when one group decides to alter it to its advantage. That is the plan – the establishment, outraged at the people who held them accountable for their legacy of failure, incompetence, and corruption by electing Donald Trump and a Republican Senate, intend to alter the status quo to ensure that this outrage never happens again. They intend to add states to increase their leverage. They intend to change voting laws to allow cheating and impose “campaign finance laws” that will be enforced against your candidates but not against establishment candidates to ensure there are no more troublesome populist alternatives. They intend, using tech companies and big corporations, to impose thought control and punish dissenters by cutting them off from access to the routine modes of living in this society – social media, banking, transportation, education. They intend to pass laws to disarm you so the ultimate failsafe of freedom is negated. And they intend to pack the Supreme Court to ensure they can’t be stopped by that pesky Constitution.

But they will expect you to remain static and to respect and obey as if nothing has changed. You must be loyal to the institutions that betrayed you because…well, that’s unclear. Perhaps they hope you’ll just keep going along as if nothing is different out of habit, or from fear of losing what little they have left to you.

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Yet, the notion that Americans will wake up one morning, see that they are no longer free, shrug, obediently line up to turn in their Remingtons and Mossbergs and reconcile themselves to serfdom is not in the cards. It is not just an American thing either. Look at the machinations of the factions in the Roman Republic and you see that one side gets the reins for a while, then soon another is in the saddle. The unspoken promise of Biden is to end history, that they will do whatever they have to do to ensure that their progressive dreams are never again disturbed by some disruptive force like a Donald Trump (who is simply an avatar for normal people’s desire to live free and respected).

But history doesn’t work like that. The oppressed react, and dummies like Dick don’t get that it is not a done deal that his side will always be writing the proscription lists posted in the Forum instead of appearing upon them.

It never occurs to them that the rules they want to get rid of because they seem inconvenient are there to protect them too. So, while we can’t stop them from trying to blindly stumble down this deadly path, perhaps on November 3rd we can stop them from actually being able to pull it off for another four years. Maybe a good, solid defeat will make them rethink their path, but don’t bet on it. These people are as solid as a rock in terms of their adherence to their bizarre and evil ideology, and they are as dumb as a rock in terms of what history teaches. These are bad people who wish you ill. Be ready, because the simple truth is that when someone tells you he wants you dead, he wants you dead.