Headline of the Day

It’s quite obvious to me that the Deep State and the Democratic Party that staffs it never got over the fact that their nefarious misuse of our intelligence agencies and hoodwinking the media didn’t work any better than their constant efforts after his election to remove Donald Trump from office and continue their autocratic grifting. This week was no exception. Indeed, I have to agree with Roger L. Simon that “In the aftermath of Trump’s contracting Covid-19, they are reelecting him.”

The Debate

Any sentient viewer of this week’s debate had to be disgusted. The moderator, the questions, the format all combined to make this an upscale version of an old-time “Saturday Night Live” debate. I have believed for a long time that there should be a timekeeper and no moderator. That the debate should be on one national policy question with each candidate given 20 minutes to make his case and the remaining time left for rebuttal. Instead, Chris Wallace used his role to interrupt the president, prop up the failing Biden, and ask questions about “white supremacy” long answered — even to him in 2016 — in an effort clearly to smear Trump.

Ben Domenech correctly places the blame for this format on the out-of-date debate commission, tweeting:


The Commission on Presidential Debates is a relic. Its board contains mostly people born in the 1930s and 40s. It is the reason there are no internet based debates. Its executive director has led it since before the end of the Cold War. It must end. The Commission’s approach creates debates that are unintelligible and with moderators who cannot effectively extract the truth. They are asking 1980s questions in a 1970s format. This must end.



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