Headline of the Day

“No systemic change has ever happened by just voting and going home. Direct action gets the goods and only direct action gets the goods,” he explained.

When asked what changes he would like to see, the street medic said he “would like to see the police stop killing U.S. citizens and non-citizens alike, especially black Americans who are disproportionately targeted by these state [inaudible].”

“What we really need is to attack the source of the problem, which is capitalism itself,” he explained.

When pressed about what system he would implement instead of capitalism, he folded and admitted socialism was the obvious choice.

“Well, the dream choice would obviously be socialism, with the means of production are publicly owned but I’m not speaking for organizers of this event. This is just my personal view,” he said.

He also said every city should have a Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) where there are people elected to a council that has “hiring, firing, and budgetary power over every police force in every community.”

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