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Two new studies have appeared indicating the lack of justice for Jews and even the lack of knowledge of the hideous truth about the Holocaust. One is a comprehensive national survey in the U.S. of Holocaust awareness and knowledge among U.S. adults, using a sample of 1,350, which was commissioned and issued in spring 2020 by the Claims Commission, CC, in the U.K. The second is a report on the massacre of Jews at the ravine of Babi Yar (Babyn Yar), outside Kiev (Kyiv), capital of Soviet Ukraine.

Though there are encouraging notes in the CC survey, it finds significant gaps in awareness of basic facts and detailed knowledge of the Holocaust. Most of the respondents said they had heard of the Holocaust — three quarters had definitely heard of it and another 10% probably had. Yet 10% said the Holocaust did not happen, and 23% said it was a myth, or was greatly exaggerated, or they were not sure.

There was more agreement on responsibility for the Holocaust. Of the whole number in the survey, 83% thought Adolf Hitler had caused it, and 67% thought the Nazis were responsible and Germany 36%. However, three significant and disturbing facts are found. One is that these figures were lower for Millennials than for the general group. This confirms other studies indicating that younger people are less aware of or less interested in the realities of the persecution of Jews. The second is that more than 11% of U.S. adults (15% Millennials) under 40 believe that Jews caused the Holocaust, and 28% thought the Holocaust is a myth.

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