Headline of the Day

King Solomon once wrote the most annoying sound on the planet is a nagging wife. Obviously, he’d never heard what frothy-mouthed feminists sound like now that Judge Amy Coney Barrett will likely replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the U.S. Supreme Court.

After the first anti-Trump women’s march, I suggested everyday Americans take preventative action to keep the insane from driving us insane by investing in a good set of earbuds to drown out the whining.

Unfortunately, earbuds cannot erase certain scenes our minds would prefer to forget, like the time anti-Trump “women’s march” feminists ran around in idiotic pink protest hats – as if wearing female body parts on their heads would inspire intelligent women anywhere to join their cause. As they gathered, Madonna welcomed the sisterhood to their “revolution of love” and shot off a series of F-bombs amidst crazy talk about blowing up the White House.

Democrats bragged about the women’s march crowd numbers, but I secretly wondered if they really meant crowd size, given all the anti-Trump feminists going public about their hate-eating like Barbara Streisand who blamed Donald Trump for her overeating pancakes and weight gain. One could only hope that one of the smartest Democrats to ever run for office, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), certified the structural integrity of the bridges on which many of those feminists loitered. Johnson is the supercilious brainiac who once raised concern Guam might “tip over and capsize” from overpopulation.

During the marches, leftist news commentators predicted these outlandish displays were a glimpse of things to come. They were right. Trump’s presidency has been four years of pure misery for Ashley Judd’s “nasty” women crowd—who support the pro-Biden anarchist groups that kill police officers, chuck bricks, shatter glass, ignite fires and destroy personal property in Democrat-run cities across the United States.

And who can forget the larger-than-life outspoken feminist and self-righteous crackpot, Rutgers University Associate Professor of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Brittney Cooper.

Awhile back, Cooper showcased the jaw-dropping ignorance of leftist academia when she blamed Trump supporters (many of which happen to be women) for COVID-19 on Twitter:

“I am saying some obvious things this morning because as a country we are too good at skipping over the audience and we might as well say this to people as often as we can. F*ck each and every Trump supporter. You all absolutely did this. You are to blame.”

As I wrote in a previous column, Cooper’s comments made me question if competence is no longer a prerequisite for professors at certain universities. Maybe they get points based on the size of their coloring book collections. Or possibly they answer a one-question employment test like: “A purple-haired feminist on a three-wheeled electric bike has 40 candy bars. She eats 35. What does she have now?”

Leftist answer: “Coronavirus. Because of Trump.”

We all know the real answer is five candy bars, three flat tires and diabetes. And the only reason the purple-haired feminist can buy 40 candy bars and an electric bike (to save the planet and maintain social distancing) is thanks to Trump’s economy before the Wuhan virus hit.

Fast-forward to September 27, 2020. Lifesitenews.com reports an Amy Coney Barrett supporter was punched in the face by a pro-abortion activist in front of the Supreme Court Building. Lovely.

The alleged victim, Autumn Schimmer, who works for Students for Life, was holding a sign saying, “I can’t believe these ‘feminists’ are protesting a woman.” Apparently, she was having a conversation with a pro-abortion woman about what it means to be a feminist. Schimmer said, “So the woman basically got mad at me that I didn’t answer one of her questions, hit me in the face and ran into the crowd to hide like a coward.”

Law enforcement arrested the alleged perpetrator, and leftist-run media remained mostly silent. Silent, because Democrats are about as pro-female as they are pro-choice. They say they are pro-choice, but try to legislate everything including guns, fossil fuels, soda sizes, God, free speech, school choice, bathrooms, cake baking, salt and cigarettes.

For them, pro-choice is reduced to two options: Whatever they demand and abortions.

Otherwise, they run around like crazed lunatics. That, folks, is the ugly face of feminism as defined by a Democrat Party so controlled by extremists, it’s become the party of hate and oppression. Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation means it’s time to pull out the earbuds, folks.