Headline of the Day

No American president has denounced racism and “white supremacist” groups as often or as definitively as President Donald Trump has done over the past four years. Yet, this past week we were all treated to yet another Democrat/media hoax that desperately attempted to portray this President as a racist and white supremacist.

As we discussed on Friday, this particular media smear job was for the first time led by Fox News, with White House reporter John Roberts tossing multiple on-air hissy fits on the subject and disgraceful debate moderator Chris Wallace repeating the long-debunked Charlottesville “fine people” lie during appearances on basically every show on Fox’s daytime lineup on Friday. Every other corrupt media outlet joined in the smear, of course, but the efforts by Roberts and Wallace really stood out from the crowd.

So why is this all happening, you might be wondering. After all, when asked by Wallace in the debate if he would condemn white supremacist groups, the President repeatedly responded “sure” and was trying to expand on that answer over Wallace’s repeated interruptions. His message was clear, and that message is the same as it has always been: The President condemns extremism in all of its forms, unlike the Democrat party and Joe Biden.

Saturday News Roundup: Adios Tik-Tok, Bye-Bye Bolton Book Advance, and America’s Garbage News Media VDO.AI Here’s why: Hispanic and Black voters are rolling over to Trump in big numbers. As I pointed out yesterday, a snap poll by Telemundo showed that its Hispanic viewers said the President had won the debate by an overwhelming 66-34 margin. That had to literally frighten the Democrats to death.

As if that weren’t concerning enough for the depraved Democrats and their media toadies, a new IBD/TIPP poll released later in the week showed the President making substantial gains among minority voters over his 2016 numbers.

From a report at Investors Business Daily:

Trump leads among white voters, 53-42%. Pew Research says Trump won among white voters in 2016, 54%-39%.

However, Trump could do better among Hispanic voters than his 28%-66% deficit in 2016. He trails Biden among Hispanics, 36.5%-60%. Black voters prefer Biden, 76%-15%.


IBD doesn’t say so, but that 15% Black support would almost double the President’s 8% support received in 2016. An 8% increase in Hispanic support would render states like Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico very tough ground for Biden to defend.

Late Friday, Mollie Hemingway issued this tweet, detailing that a new Florida International University poll of Cuban Americans show the President leading Biden in Florida among that key demographic by a somewhat stunning 34-point margin:

Other surveys show the President running out to similar huge leads among Venezuelan Americans, another key demographic group in Florida. Add to that the fact that other national surveys continue to show President Trump making big inroads with Hispanic and Black voters across the country, and you see conclusively why the Democrats and their media toadies have run with the “white supremacist” hoax every day since Tuesday.

It’s all so very predictable and tiresome, but the great news is that this time, it isn’t going to work.