Headline of the Day

In 2016, the polls were wrong. In 2020, there are subtle indications that the polls, almost all of which have Biden in the lead, will be wrong again. Admittedly, these are subtle indicators, but they still resonate (at least with me, when I’m feeling optimistic). The latest subtle indicators are a viral video from a black man who sees his economic salvation in a Trump economy and a Bret Stephens article in the New York Times recounting his interview with a lesbian who has confessed that she is a secret Trump voter.

Years ago, a young friend told me to stop obsessing over Rachel Maddow. She’s nothing, he said, and the same is true for other cable news hosts. The real energy is in podcasts and video shows. Tim Pool is one of the people who brings this new energy to our political debate. Like many thoughtful young people who weren’t ready to toe the Democrat party line, he started agnostic and ended up approving of Trump.

One of Pool’s listeners is a man named Gary Lamb. Lamb uploaded a viral video in which he thanks Pool for opening his eyes to the lies of the left and enabling him to embrace the benefits flowing from a Trump presidency. It’s worth watching the entire nine minutes. Lamb is a man who has had a tremendously hard life but always held on to his moral core. He was losing hope, though, and it was the Trump presidency — especially the Trump economy — that saved him:


Gary Lamb is not the only decent, hardworking man out there who’s never benefited from the Democrats’ endlessly broken promises, but who has seen his world improve because Trump kept his word.

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