Headline of the Day

On July 2, 1986, many years before the ever-frail and stumbling Joe Biden lost control of his mental capacity to deliver coherent sentences, Biden spoke at the 77th Annual NAACP Convention. In that commencement address, he did not forget the location where he was speaking, nor did he lose his train of thought as he struggled to keep up with the words on the teleprompter. The speech did, however, encapsulate Biden’s deep history of race baiting, his tenuous record with the truth, and his ability to embellish his personal history for political gain.

Biden began his speech by proclaiming to a mostly black audience that “When I was 17 years old, I participated in sit-ins to desegregate restaurants and movie houses in Wilmington, Delaware.” The only problem is Biden never participated in sit-ins. He falsely claimed that he organized a walkout of a restaurant called the Charcoal Pit, except for the fact that the black student who was refused service at the time said that Biden and the other white students who were with him “weren’t aware of what happened.” Biden also falsely claimed that he picketed the last segregated movie theater in Wilmington, Delaware in 1965. Yet, according to the book Historic Theaters of Delaware, the Rialto theater that Biden supposedly picketed, had already begun admitting black patrons in May 1963, meaning that Biden would have been protesting for a right that had already existed for blacks two years earlier. Although the Washington Post gave Biden two pinocchios for these claims, it has not prevented him from continuing to tell these falsehoods anyway

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