Headline of the Day

There could not have been a more perfect illustration of the suffocating awfulness of leftist culture than one moment in this year’s Emmy’s award show. “Black-ish” actor Anthony Anderson delivered a painfully unfunny rant about black victimhood and then demanded that a clearly uncomfortable host Jimmy Kimmel shout the name of Marxist terrorist organization Black Lives Matter, “Louder, Jimmy, louder!” Which Kimmel obediently did.

This is the same Kimmel who used to host “The Man Show,” a rollicking, politically incorrect display of mock-macho goofiness featuring large-breasted girls jumping on trampolines, and jokes like, “We have a serious problem in this country. Her name is Oprah. She’s got women brainwashed. She’s telling them what to do. We’re the ones who are supposed to be telling them what to do, right?”

I guess now, after publicly surrendering his testicles to BLM, he’ll have to host the “Unmanned Show,” featuring yet another of his teary-eyed no-laugh monologues about how much he cares about … whatever he’s been told to care about this week.

Compare this to the other erstwhile host of “The Man Show,” Adam Carolla. Carolla, with his up-yours libertarian attitude, turned his back on Hollywood, took his manhood and went home. He now produces one of the most popular podcasts in the country while publishing bestselling books with Man Show-style titles like “In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks.” Also, he’s still funny.

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