Headline of the Day

There’s some debate going on in conservative circles about whether Biden will show up at the debate and, if he does, whether he’ll be an incoherent mess or unexpectedly competent. The debate will continue thanks to Biden’s Saturday performance. The news yielded two epic Slow Joe moments, a Hitler insult, and a lie. Joe, however, is assuring anyone who will listen that he’ll do fine at the debate because Trump is “not that smart.” Whatever they’re pumping into Joe, it must be good stuff.

No matter how carefully Biden’s handlers are keeping him cocooned, and how foreshortened his days (with Biden often signing off as early as 9 a.m.), Biden still has to make the occasional appearance. On Saturday, Joe presented Americans with two farcical moments, one typical lie, and a disgraceful statement about Trump.

On the farcical front, Joe seemed a little unclear about how old he is. We know that, if he were to win, he be the oldest person ever to become president, but this is ridiculous:


 James Woods

Well, in all fairness of COURSE he’s exhausted. I mean, 180 years in the Senate. C’mon, man! That’s a lot of work. #TiredOldJoe




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