Headline of the Day

A proud Boys rally and simultaneous demonstrations opposing it placed the city on high alert Saturday as the events unfolded. But there were no large clashes between dueling protesters or with police as of 9 p.m. and participants in the various events disbanded hours earlier.

But as the Proud Boys went home peacefully the Antifa/BLM rioters went downtown and continue with looting and burning.

Law enforcement declared an unlawful assembly late Saturday, forcing protesters from downtown Portland, Oregon, and making several arrests.

Unlawful assembly was announced just before midnight by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

Images showed protesters crowded in and around a park near the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse — the same courthouse that had been the scene of nightly unrest over the summer. A protester was seen burning an American flag.


Earlier, protesters had shot fireworks at police. A video posted online showed officers warn that protesters who hurl projectiles will be subject to arrest.


Several arrests were made, according to reporters at the scene, but a specific number was not immediately available.

There was one “George Floyd” situation where a an Antifa rioter was arrested and started screaming “I can’t breathe”


That’s been a trend lately. That, and flopping around like they’re having a seizure.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler issued a statement after the events wound down championing the law enforcement response, saying the “largely peaceful” events were “testimony to the collaborative planning and preparation Portland Police did with our local, state and federal partners.

But he should wait and see this video where arrested Antifa rioters escape a police van and run away and into the riots once again.

Video below: