Headline of the Day

Recently, someone asked me: “How do we end systematic educational institutional propaganda and lying?” To which I replied, “We must defund them. Entirely. And abolish the NEA. Privatize, etc.” However, I added that “No one has the cojones to do that. And, if they did, more cities would burn, of course.”

The unacknowledged fact is that that is how the left manages to rule the country as a minority.

That’s right, we currently, effectively, have minority rule in the United States of America. Believe there are only two genders? Get ready to be mocked, ridiculed, fired from your job. Don’t want to bake a cake for a gay wedding? Say good-bye to your private business. Publicly say “All Lives Matter?” I’ll pray for you.

The left simply threatens violence to get what it wants…and if anyone dares to defend themselves or fight back, they are promptly deemed radical right-wing extremists who are prone to violence. The left routinely threatens to burn down cities, rough people up in restaurants, or shut down major highways to keep the majority cowed. And it works much more often than not. That is inarguable at this point. “Vote for Biden or there will be no peace.”

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