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An attendee of President Trump’s rally in Jacksonville, Florida, said that she had to “jump ship” from the Democrat Party — a change that, she said, occurred after voting for former President Obama once.

Hundreds of enthusiastic Trump supporters lined up hours ahead of his rally in the northeastern portion of the state, ready to show their support for the commander in chief. One supporter, Kristen Reese, identified herself as a former Democrat, who made the change during Obama’s presidency after voting for him once.

I think we’re really at risk of losing our freedoms,” she said. “I think there’s an extreme left agenda that has infiltrated the Democratic Party.”

“It’s not the Democratic party I knew growing up. I used to be a Democrat but I had to jump ship and go to the Republican side,” Reese continued, explaining that she switched sides when Obama was in office.

“And I voted for him in the first term,” she said. “But when I saw what he was doing to the country and shipping cash overseas in a plane in the middle of the night,” she continued, shaking her head.


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