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A woman who had Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg officiate her wedding just weeks ago has been forced to make her Twitter account private after leftist trolls accused her of “killing” the late judicial powerhouse.

Barb Solish, of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, was reportedly a family friend of Ginsburg, who, despite suffering from late-stage pancreatic cancer, presided over her wedding to Danny Kazin, an associate with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Ginsburg was pictured without a mask on, People Magazine reports, in photos that the bride posted to Twitter in early September, but an official account of the wedding notes that both Solish and her then-fiance Kazin, had been tested for COVID-19 before the ceremony and both had tested “negative,” making it safe for the ailing Justice to attend their nuptials.

Those assurances weren’t enough for the Twitter crowd who, incensed by the Justice’s death just weeks before the 2020 presidential election, lashed out at Solish on Twitter, accusing her of “killing” Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“TFW you killed RBG to show off at your wedding…,” one Twitter user claimed, tagging Solish.

“[I]magine everyone knowing you killed RBG at your wedding,” raged another.

“i think it’s funny that the lady who had rbg officiate her wedding without a mask has to now deal with potentially having killed one of the most beloved people in the entire US because she just had to have her wedding officiated by rgb so she could do an epic tweet lol,” blasted another.

Others pointed out Solish’s Twitter post with official photos of her wedding ceremony: “this post will rightfully be dunked on all night, and in perpetuity,” they claimed.

Some pledged to take Solish and Kazin to account for their misdeeds.

@barbsolish might have locked her account along with her husband @dkazin but the INTERNET IS FOREVER. pic.twitter.com/o9AFU1irvC

— Azucena Rasilla (@ChroniclesOfAzu) September 18, 2020

Solish was forced to take her profile private shortly after the Supreme Court announced that Ginsburg has passed away Friday from complications from pancreatic cancer.

Ginsburg, of course, was an 87-year-old woman still serving on the nation’s highest court, so she was clearly able, by all accounts, to make an informed decision on whether to officiate the couple’s wedding, even in fragile health. She was reportedly a fan of the practice of officiating weddings, taking part in several over the last few years, including one of the first official same-sex marriages following the court’s landmark Obergfell decision legalizing same-sex unions nationwide.

By the time Solish and Kazin wed in late August, Ginsburg was already being open about her cancer’s return. In a frank statement released July 17th, Ginsburg admitted that her pancreatic cancer had returned and assured well-wishers that she was undergoing treatment.

“My most recent scan on July 7 indicated significant reduction of the liver lesions and no new disease. I am tolerating chemotherapy well and am encouraged by the success of my current treatment,” Ginsburg said. “I will continue bi-weekly chemotherapy to keep my cancer at bay, and am able to maintain an active daily routine.”

“According to her doctors, stent revisions are common occurrences and the procedure, performed using endoscopy and medical imaging guidance, was done to minimize the risk of future infection,” the Supreme Court added in their own statement. “The Justice is resting comfortably and expects to be released from the hospital by the end of the week.”

Ginsburg passed on Friday, per the Supreme Court.