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In our present EXPONENTIAL technological day, when our global world and society are moving at light speed; demonic deception, lawlessness, and godlessness are totally super-abounding! If you cannot see that then you are living in a total subjective delusion.

Here in America, literally “ALL hell is breaking loose” and our Republic and rule of law are EXPONENTIALLY disintegrating right before our eyes! With the passing of RBG, prepare for the demonic rage to even more greatly intensify as the demonic Left does all with in their demonic power to stop a conservative appointee to the Supreme Court! Dear friends, it is all heading to one destination and the Satanic swamp (which reigns over the DC swamp) knows no depths and bounds and has absolutely saturated every nook and cranny of our “American” post-Judeo/Christian society! One has to objectively see that we wrestle NOT with flesh and blood but demonic powers in high places, as they war against ALL that is ALMIGHTY GOD; and that fallen humanity and planet earth are their battlefields (Eph. 2:1-2, 6:10-12, Rev. 13; 16:13-16). (FYI, To long a post to post all)

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