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Tense moments unfolded at a rally in support of President Donald Trump in Aliso Viejo Wednesday when opposing sides squared off in what appeared to be an armed confrontation that was captured on video.

Deputies were called to Aliso Creek Road and Pacific Park Drive around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. Five separate 911 calls were placed, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said.

The situation ended with a retired police officer pulling a gun on a counter-protester who had allegedly pulled a knife, sheriff’s Sgt. Dennis Breckner said.

The counter-protester, identified by Breckner as 33-year-old Alvin Shaw, is accused of assaulting three women aged 55, 74 and 84.

The irate leftist pulled back and smacked the 84-year-old woman across the face. This was after he burned her Trump sign.

This was after he burned her sign.

CBS Local reported:

He took his hand way back like he was going to punch me, and [he] hit me right across the face,” 84-year-old Donna Snow said. “Broke my earrings off.”

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, a retired police officer then got involved and pulled his gun as the man attempted to run from the scene.

Another person at the rally was knocked to the ground by the man while trying to help others, and a third victim was taken to a local hospital with a neck injury.

According to the sheriff’s office, Alvin Gary Shaw was taken into custody on suspicion of elder abuse, assault with a deadly weapon and assault and battery after allegedly attacking three people in attendance.

Some locals alleged that he is part of BLM but we are still investigate that and we will update the informations later.

This wasn’t about politics or “just two groups that disagreed.” This was a racist hate crime by another liberal punk assaulting two elderly white women. These punks have no respect for the elderly or even children. They’re violent and are getting more arrogant by the day.