Headline of the Day

Any readers of American Partisan who are interested in understanding the evolution of ABR (Antifa-BLM-RevCom) tactics and strategy should make Andy Ngo’s Twitter feed a daily stop. Ngo is literally orders of magnitude better than any other internet or MSM reporter when it comes to finding and uploading the most important ABR video links. Nobody comes close.

Over the past week we have seen a shift in tactics by ABR, away from just attacking courthouses and police precincts, toward roving bands of violent vandals roaming downtown and suburban areas. This video was posted this morning by Andy Gno:

“Marauding antifa black bloc in Seattle smash up property as they march around the city. People watch in disbelief. No police.”

Portland Police have also increased the severity of their response. In this video, an ABR driving a vehicle had been defying police orders to stop cruising through their police lines in an attempt to disrupt their advance toward ABR rioters. They cut his tires to immobilize him. The comments following this post are well worth reading and at times hilarious, as well as providing context.

“Antifa driver who was blocking the road gets his car tires slashed by Portland Police.” ABR are now using paint-filled lightbulbs as projectile weapons:

Antifa groups share manuals & instructions on how to make “paint bombs” by filling lightbulbs with paint. The goal is that the shattered glass cuts you and the paint goes into the wounds.

Here, Andy Ngo links to an article explaining how ABR uses the concept of “leaderless resistance” to avoid scrutiny and legal action.

“Antifa militants claim that they are part of a leaderless movement. This does everything to advance their cause, while giving them the plausible deniability they need”

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